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Core Opening Yoga ∼ Gentle Spinal Release

The style of yoga referred to as "Core Opening" is a gentle, safe, and reliable way to ease pain and let go of chronic stress in your body and mind. It quiets the mind and revitalizes the body by using supportive propping and detailed alignment in reclining, seated, and standing poses to release core muscle tension along the spine. This release has a profound healing effect on your whole being; deeply softening, rejuvenating, and creating a state of inner bliss that grows over time.

Core Opening differs from more active yoga styles in that its focus is on opening rather than strengthening the core, and unwinding muscle tension instead of stretching. This style of yoga is not exercise. It is the practice of pranayama (breath) and asanas (relaxing into supported body poses) to release habitual tension patterns in the body and expand the central energy channel of the spine; allowing strength, vitality, and stamina to grow from the inside out. Core Opening yoga is equally beneficial for experienced yogis and beginners alike.