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Yoga Class Schedule

& Workshops

For an up-to-date schedule of my classes, check my calander here

Core Opening Yoga weekly classes

@ Judy's Alta Siera Home Studio:

(located 1 mile from HWY 49 & Alta Sierra Drive)

Core Opening Therapeutic Yoga

A gentle, safe, and reliable way to ease pain and let go of chronic stress in your body and mind. Core Opening differs from more active yoga styles in that its focus is on opening rather than strengthening the core, and unwinding muscle tension instead of stretching.

Tuesdays 1-2:30 and Thursdays 3-4:30 (Beginning and continuing students)

Pregistration required as space is limited. Prepayment secures your space in the class.

Cost: Drop Ins $25 Monthly 4 pass $80

Resorative And Yoga Nidra

Come unwind at the end of your week with a relaxing Friday afternoon restorative class. We will begin with a long yoga Nidra guided imagery, awareness and breathing practice, followed by restful, easy, nurturing poses, completing with a blissful reclining shavasana or seated meditation. Your choice, as well as optional flower essences or essential oils.

Third Friday of each month, 3:30-5:00 p.m. (Beginning and continuing students)

Preregistration required as space is limited. Prepayment secures your space in the class.

Cost $30

Contact Judy @ 530-274-2635 or judfulyoga@gmail.com for more info or to sign up for classes

Private Sessions available: (Individualized yoga practices, yoga therapy and massage/craniosacral bodywork)

90 minutes / $140 (1st session)

30 minutes / $55

60 minutes / $100

120 minutes / $180

Gift Certificates available anytime for classes and private sessions

Core Opening Yoga Workshops

Core Opening Workshops are designed to take you deeper into the practice by explaining the anatomy along with the "how" and "why".

Preregistration required, space is limited!

Contact Judy at 530-274-2635 or judfulyoga@gmail.com

Payment required at time of registration

Trauma Informed Restorative Yoga Class

This class will focus on developing skills for managing & transforming the effects of trauma in the body, emotions & mind. Specially designed for trauma therapists and their clients experiencing anxiety, depression, PTSD and chronic pain, this class will utilize yoga nidra style guided awareness, breathing techniques, gentle asana practice, bilateral tapping, neuroscience education, and body centered mindfulness. These practices can help students learn to balance their own nervous system, expand their window of tolerance and build a sense of personal empowerment in their lives. I invite body workers, yoga teachers, physical therapists, psychotherapists - all those who work with trauma survivors to attend this class and learn more skills to support yourself and your clients. No previous yoga experienced needed. All practices are optional during class so each student can create an experience that is uniquely comfortable for them in the moment.
Cost: $20/class--cash, check & PayPal (3% fee) accepted
Special note: Judy's PTSD service dog, Chai will be present to assist in each class.

Developing Your Home Practice

4-week Series Class

Upper Spinal Series Class, focusingon the head, neck, shoulders, chest, upper back, arms & hands. Especially good for those of you dealing with headaches, upper body pain & tension.

Lower Spinal Series Class, focusing on the lower back, belly, pelvis, hips, legs & feet. Especially good for those of you dealing with sciatica, low back & hip pain, leg, feet & digestive issues.

Each of these classes will meet weekly for an hour, for 4 weeks giving you time to practice at home, come back with questions, and take your practice deeper during each subsequent class. You can sign up for one or both classes. Each class is limited to 4 students. The time will be decided on a consensus basis among the interested students so let me know right away of your interest & time preference.

Cost $90 per class series. No refunds or make ups.

Learning To Manage Anxiety, Depression &

Post Traumatic Stress

6 week class designed to help develop self care skills utilizing:

  • gentle core opening yoga
  • relaxing breathe practices
  • guided awareness & imagery
  • body centered mindfulness
  • expressive art & movement
  • bilateral tapping & resourcing (from Laurel Parnell’s work)
  • flower essences & essential oils.
  • research on the brain, nervous system & neural plasticity

All techniques for learning to regulate the Autonomic Nervous System and build a wider window of tolerance for handling life.

Begining January 2020

Alta Sierra Home Studio (1 mile from Hwy 49 & Alta Sierra Drive)

Cost $200 (inc. materials fee, payment plan available)

Limited to 6 students, pre interview required

Judy has been in practice since 1990, with extensive training including integrative massage, craniosacral bodywork, hypnotherapy, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counseling, herbology, SvaroopaÒ Yoga, EmbodymentÒ Yoga Therapy and trauma-informed yoga. Judy’s wide background allows her to bring a unique, integrative expertise to each class and private session. Having experienced chronic depression, anxiety & PTSD herself, Judy is passionate about empowering others to overcome the shame & paralysis which can block you from living a healthy, vibrant life. Her PTSD service dog, Chai will be assisting in this course as well. She teaches Core Opening Yoga @ Full Life Yoga in Nevada City & in her home office/studio in Alta Sierra where she also works with clients individually.

Workshop Descriptions and Testimonials:

Trauma Informed Yoga Workshop
Do you or someone you love suffer with depression, anxiety, chronic pain or post traumatic stress symptoms that make it difficult to attend regular yoga classes? Are you curious about what trauma informed yoga is & how it could be helpful in managing, even healing, these conditions? Are you a yoga teacher or other health care provider that would like to learn how to bring trauma informed protocols into your work? Then this training workshop is for you. You will gain knowledge about trauma & how it effects the body & nervous system as well as protocols to use when working yourself or another person. Also you'll get to experience a 75 minute restorative trauma informed yoga class. This workshop is open to anyone but it is also part of a yoga teacher training for those of you wanting CEU's, My PTSD service dog, Chai, will be present & helping during this event.

Building Bone Density Workshop

Article that appeared in The Union, March 1, 2016:


Full Article availble under 'Articles' tab

Service Dogs For Invisible Disabilities

Talk & Slide Show

What is a service dog or medical alert dog? How do they differ from an emotional support animal? Or therapy dog? Come meet Chai my PTSD service dog. See a slide show on his life & training. All your questions & curiosities will be answered. There is no cost to attend but I will be accepting donations for ‘4paws2freedom’ the organization where Chai & I received our training & national certification.

The Yoga Of Self Nurturing

Come treat yourself to a day of self care. In the morning, a long restorative core opening yoga class will be followed by a leisurely lunch break. In the afternoon, more gentle chair yoga leading into a full bija mantra practice & meditation. Finally we will complete the day by creating a collage to inspire and focus the year ahead on self nurturing.

Opening and Healing Your Heart

The first key area where we hold tension is in the pelvis. The second is the heart .

Stress, trauma, or something we've held on to for far too long can result in a physical grip around the heart. In this workshop we learn how to physically open the area around the heart with poses that can both heal physical heart conditions and melt the hard knot of emotional tension that often resides there. When our hearts open physically we can digest and assimilate our emotions. Just as our digestive system digests food, our heart digests and absorbs emotional energy.

Poses include a twist, side stretch, and a back bend.


After the Heart workshop I noticed a deepening in my practice, and a sense of connection during my daily life around breath, heart, and health. In addition to those wonderful after effects, just being in the workshop was healing, restful, and rejuvenating.


Opening and Cleansing the Breath and Digestion

In the spring we experience nature's "popping through the earth" energy. It can feel like we're pushing up through hard soil so that new growth can come through. Similarly, our bodies want to break through and remove whatever is in our way.

It's highly beneficial at this time of year to open our breath and take in more prana and vitality while cleansing our digestive system. The breath is the strongest organ of detoxification in the body. To maximize it's effect we want to open our breath and let it move through our bodies using all the lung capacity we have available.

Breath and digestion are integral to each other. With each breath we can potentially massage our digestive system. The more breath we access, the more movement there is in our torso, and thus more of a massage effect. Our breath allows the
peristaltic system to work better; flowing, opening and cleansing all at the same time.

Finding Your Abs

After spending the winter doing floor and restorative poses to open the pelvis and the area behind the heart, and gaining more awareness of your breathing, you're ready to get up off the floor. To keep all that spinal opening going when you get upright, you need your abs. This workshop isn't about strengthening the abs or doing sit ups. It's about learning how to activate your abdominals to support your spine.

When standing, your spine can still be soft if it's being supported by your abs. By separating and isolating our outer ab muscles we gently create a "waist belt" that supports our lumbar spine and encourages it to open and lengthen. Core strengthening (sit ups) only tighten and constrict the abs. Gently activating your abs facilitates spinal opening and lengthening by allowing the pelvic floor muscles and lower back muscles to relax.

Poses include Nivisana leg lifts.

Leaning Into Your Bones

Once you've found your abs, and discovered how to access them without tightening everything else up, you're ready to learn how to stand and lean into your bones.

In this workshop you will learn how to soften your muscles and lean into your bones while standing. Muscles are for movement, bones are for support. The more you soften your muscles, the more you're able to lean into your bones and help them grow in their ability to support you.

Leaning into your bones is the secret to avoiding or managing osteoporosis and osteopenia. By leaning our weight into our bones, we build more bone by giving them the impulse to grow more bone cells. And, where weight lifting exercises grow bones only at the insertion of the muscle, this practice grows the entire bone. Bearing the weight tells the whole bone to grow stronger.

Standing poses include Tadasana and the Warrior.


I went to have my bone density checked 7-12-16. Much to my surprise, and Dr. Agness' surprise also, my bone density has improved by 14% in the last 3 years. I attribute this to Judy Fuller's Yoga class, drinking raw goat milk and taking a calcium supplement. At 60 years of age, I'm very pleased to see my bone density improving. I had previously been diagnosed as slightly osteopenic due to my age.

Kit Britt

The 'Leaning Into Your Bones' workshop was my favorite one so far! Your informative presentation, along with the yoga poses we learned, has inspired my home practice! Thank you!

Jo Ann

Learning to Stand and Walk

Once you've learned to stand and soften your muscles while leaning into your bones, you can learn to move and ultimately walk. And you'll get a lot of practice as we continue to walk all summer long in our classes.

Initially we learned to walk with tight buns and a tight pelvis. This workshop focuses on learning to walk by relaxing rather than tightening; using your legs and abs to massage and soften your pelvis. Leg muscles are like pistons moving the body, and as you roll across your feet using these pistons you are massaging muscles. Supporting your torso with your breath, you learn to keep the length all the way through the top of the head by keeping your belly active.

This workshop is the culmination of all that we've done through the winter and spring. Utimately, when you learn to move and walk consciously, you'll be opening your heart, cleansing your digestive system, breathing, finding your abs, leaning into your bones and building more bone, and massaging your digestive system and pelvis. You'll return from your walks having not only gotten aerobic exercise and your blood flow going, but also having opened up and supported your spine.


The walking/standing class was great! I'm working on remembering what I learned and practicing it, and I'm really liking the "swish"! Thanks again, Judy, for a wonderful class on Friday. I learned a lot thanks to your expertise.

Virginia Horowitz

Reflexology and Foot Massage - Part 1

This first workshop teaches you how to give yourself or loved one a soothing, healing, therapeutic foot rub the "right" way. We begin by envisioning the whole body on the feet. To make it easy to see and remember, we touch and massage our own feet, pinpointing all the body parts; including the head, neck, and shoulders. Participants will draw the body on their feet, or on a blank chart, and give themselves a treatment.

Then, after having learned some techniques for using your hands, you'll practice giving someone else a treatment.


The Reflexology workshop provided me with information that was completely new to me. It was very enjoyable being there; a great atmosphere and lots of laughter and learning. The "carry over" effects were amazing. I was able to sleep soundly for the first time in months! This is a great new tool for health.


Reflexology and Foot Massage - Part 2

Six weeks later, you'll learn more details about foot reflexes, orthobionomy, and treating specific conditions via the feet.

After looking at the whole body we now get specific. Following a review of the foot chart, we focus more deeply in the second workshop on certain reflex points that can indicate issues with the kidney, liver, stomach, a pregnancy, or migraine headaches. We'll go deeper into massage techniques and physical foot issues (orthobionomy), and then answer any questions that may have come up in your reflexology practice.

Yoga for Your Meditation

Core Opening yoga can help you to unwind tension in your body and quiet your mind, allowing you to rest more easily into meditation. This yoga is uniquely designed to release the deeply held tensions in your spine and pelvis, gently relieving chronic tightness in your mind and body. Once this tension is unwound, you will experience your own inherent sense of peace and well being, your Essence, which always resides within you. Core Opening yoga is especially effective for stress, insomnia, depression, anxiety and chronic pain. You will learn the anatomy of what makes this yoga different, along with the gentle, well-supported basic poses and meditations you can easily practice at home. Beginners are welcome!


This was such an outstanding workshop for several reasons. I have taken classes on the chakras, and even taught a chakra class, but I learned some new things in your class about how energy comes through our bodies and the placement of the chakras along the spine. This was very exciting for me! The giving of information with the balance of yoga poses helped me embody all that we learned from your class, and now I can bring this deepening awareness into my own daily practice. Yoga is a meditation and meditation is yoga! Thank you Judy for being such a caring, inspiring teacher and living your passion. I always feel this in your classes.

Pam S

Yoga for Your Neck and Shoulders

In our busy, hectic lives our minds tend to override our bodies. With shoulders scrunched up around our ears, we're barely breathing as we try to just make it through days plagued with headaches, neck pain, and even pain down our arms. Explore how Core Opening yoga can help you unwind that tension in your neck and shoulders. This yoga is uniquely designed to release deeply held core tension in your pelvis, spine, neck and head; gently relieving chronic aches and pains. Core Opening yoga is effective for reducing stress, headaches (including migraines), stenosis, herniated discs, frozen shoulder, and upper body pain. Learn the anatomy of what makes Core Opening yoga different, along with the gentle, well-supported poses you can easily practice at home. Beginners are welcome!


Thank you for a fine workshop, Judy. After over a year of weekly classes, foundations training, and three workshops a much delayed lightbulb went off for me as you discussed anatomy in the neck. The worst of my hand numbness is after sleeping. I realized that my pillow is the wrong shape; I should support the back of the head with the pillow rather than support the neck. This allows a bit of traction for the cervical spine. You and others have covered this multiple times before and I finally connected the dots! So I used a better pillow for the last three nights and, voila, my hand is much much better.

Your workshops are a bonus on top of the weekly classes. I especially like your using the skeletal model and anatomical drawings; it helps me visualize what's going on i my body during the poses. Especially unforgettable is your demonstration of blood vessels and nerves being compressed inside muscles as they contract. No wonder I need to unwind my decades-long chronically-tight muscles!

Whether in a workshop or a class or one on one session, I value your attention to the nuances of poses, how even a slight change can make a big difference. It makes for lifelong learning (and unwinding!) My body (and mind) are grateful to have found you and this practice.

Janaia Donaldson

Yoga for Hyper Flexibility

One of the reasons people do yoga is to increase flexibility. But too much flexibility can be detrimental! When the core muscles in the body are overly tight, and the joint ligaments are overstretched, hyper mobility in the joints can be the result. When these joints become unstable, they can be painful and more prone to arthritis and injury. Core Opening yoga can help release your core tension and stabilize your joints without exercises or stretching. Learn the anatomy of what makes this yoga different, along with gentle, well-supported poses you can easily practice at home. Beginners are welcome!

Yoga for Your Abs

Core Opening yoga is uniquely designed to release core tensions along your spine to gently and effectively relieve chronic tightness in your back and whole body. We will explore how core-opening, unlike core strengthening, allows your abdominal muscles to naturally "kick in"; supporting your back and even releasing lower back tension and pain. You will learn the anatomy of what makes this yoga different along with basic poses you can easily practice at home.

Yoga for Sciatica

Sciatica is defined as pain and/or numbness along the course of a sciatic nerve. It often occurs in the back or side of the thigh, lower back, hips, or adjacent parts including down the leg to the calf or toes. Nerve pain can be excruciating. One client said it made labor and delivery seem easy because you know it will end, while sciatica seem unending. If you or someone you know suffers with sciatica pain come to this workshop to understand the anatomy of this debilitating condition. You will learn how to do gentle yoga poses that can unwind chronic core tension and allow your body to heal while relieving the pain.

I started the day of the class, Friday, feeling fine. But by mid-day I had sciatica on my left side. How handy that I was going to the Sciatica class! The lecture was very informative, and the practice very helpful. The next day I was a little achy, but the sciatica was gone. It always amazes me that such subtle moves can produce such wonderful results. I've been taking Judy's class for over a year now and plan to continue.


Yoga for Scoliosis

Scoliosis is when the muscle tension along the spine is too tight, compressing the vertebrae too close together. Similar to when your teeth are too crowded in your mouth, the vertebrae are pushed out of place. Over time the spine can become excessively curved and twisted. There can be a genetic predisposition to this condition, but whatever the cause the resulting pain can be life inhibiting and life long. Core opening yoga will help you begin to ease the chronic muscle tension in your pelvis and spine, lengthening the space between the vertebrae and easing those twists and curves. These changes do take time, but relearning how to be in your body comes with benefits that last a lifetime.

Yoga for Arthritis

As we age our body begins to "talk" to us more and more. An ache here, a pain there. Many times our joints become achy, stiff, swollen. Getting out of bed or up from a chair can be a painful experience, leaving us feeling old before our time. Our joints do naturally tend to "wear out", but you can slow down this aging process by reducing the compression and strain you place on them. Core Opening Yoga can help you unwind a lifetime of stress in your spine and joints. Learn the anatomy of osteoarthritis and how this yoga's gentle decompression can slow down and even reverse arthritis's effects. This yoga is not exercise or stretching, but gentle, safe, supportive postures that unwind core tensions in your body. You will leave feeling less pain, more flexible and energetic, and with a practice you can continue at home.

I think that "new" lunge is a really, really good one for me as that was the first time I experienced and opening in the hip crease area, so I am going to do it today and see what I see:-) Thanks for all the effort you put into your workshops. And the patience to help those who are interested. I always learn something valuable.


Thank you for the helpful arthritis class. Thank you for all the healing you bring to our community.